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(No he visitado personalmente todas las direcciones aquí reseñadas, por lo que no me hago responsable de que estén en uso, te resulten interesantes, etc. Las incluyo como una guía para que puedas investigar por tu cuenta. En cuanto a las listas de enlaces que aparecen, te aconsejo que consultes su última actualización en las direcciones correspondientes, que indico en cada sección)
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Carlos System Midi Page
Marva Valladolid
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GUIA MUSICES GUIDE- Indice de Secciones n/f- Sections Index s/f
FutureNet: Menu
Directory of /pub/musica
Keyboard Central
Bibliography on synthesizers, Midi, Computer and Electronic Music
MIDI INLINE TRANSPOSER, Don George - M I D I - I N L I N E - T R A N S P O S E R. Don George University of Toledo, Department of Physics and Astronomy Presented at the 1996 Midwest Symposium..
1. The Midi Files Collection - Down Under - JD Computer Consulting presents the Down Under Midi Files Collection. A high quality, large in quantity, free and copyright free midi files collection
Sonic Foundry: Virtual MIDI Router - T h e . S o n i c . F o u n d r y V i r t u a l . M I D I . R o u t e r . f o r . v e r s i o n . 4.0. The Sonic Foundry Virtual MIDI Router (VMR)...
Hairy's Home Page - Hairy's Home Page. Sonic Dreams Software. Musical software for the. range of computers. To download, hold down SHIFT key while clicking on the links!...
Kiwi Midi-Top Page - Welcome to the.     Home Page! M I D I     &     C A K E W A L K     F I L E S...
General Midi Files - General Midi Music Files. M.I.D.I. stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. M.I.D.I. files are an attempt to offer a cross platform, cross...
MIDISONG France fra - M I D I S O N G - T h e - p r o f e s s i o n a l - M I D I - files ! MIDISONG list : more than 1300 Midifiles available. Original Files ! French catalog..
Bob's One Stop Shopping List of links to Pro-Audio Manufacturers, Suppliers an - Bob's One Stop Shopping List of links to Pro-Audio Manufacturers, Suppliers and Software Developers

introducción MIDI Audio Digital Modulos Aparatos MIDI
Audio y MIDI integrados Software musical Hardware musical Cita Enlaces

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Keyboard System-Exclusive
FutureNet : Future Music
we are the music makers...
streetsound flash!
Inter Dance Web mEgaZINE!


Directory of /pub/MIDI/DOC
Chad Gould's MIDI links
World of Audio
Lycos search: sound
Directory of /pub/mac/umich/sound/soundutil
Entertainment:Audio/Visual Equipment
The dat-heads mailing list archive
Vacuum Tube Web Resources* faq
Signal Processing and Communications Group
Music Machines
Comercial Effects
Leper's Schematics - 6/8/95
Musical Circuits Archive - 12/9/95
Computer Music Journal Home Page
Computer Music Tutorials
MIDI links
Information on The MIDI Farm
MIDI Home Page
World of Audio


Web Guitar Resoures
Guitars and Amps
Web Guitar Resoures
Web Guitar Resources


Harmony Central Main Menu
Music News Of The World Index
Lycos Search Form
Music Resources outside of Hyperreal (1 of 2)
MTV Online: Main Page


Internet Software Tools


Internet Underground Music Archive
Ambient Music Resources
Future Sound Of London
Tangerine Dream Home Page
Yahoo - Entertainment:Music:Artists
The Mammoth Music Meta-List @ VIBE
Welcome to Music World 3
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Music - Artists
The Industrial Page
Links to Industrial Groups
Rare Groove Other Music Pointers
Ambient Artists only
The Hyperreal Music Archives
All Artists (techno and ambient)
Hip-hop, and other
Music Artists


Yamaha Guitars
Welcome To Yamaha!
Gibson USA Home Page
Peavey World Home
National Association of Music Merchants
Steinberg Web Welcome
Passport Home Page
PAiA Electronics, Inc
Akai S-Series Samplers
Vox: It's What's Happening!
MusicWriter's NoteStation Online
Orion The Official Bluebook for Used Values for 23 years.
Sony Online
Casio Homepage
BSS Audio Home Page
Manufacturer Contacts
ENSONIQ - Leading the World in Sound Innovation
Focusrite Audio Engineering
JBL's Home Page
Welcome To Hohner USA!
Harman International Industries
Welcome To Washburn
A R T Home Page
Dean Markley
Welcome to KAMAN MUSIC
DOD Home Page
Robin Guitars
Tobias Guitars
Welcome to Young Chang WorldWide
C. F. Martin and Company
Gibson.Net Home Page
Gibson USA Home Page
Welcome to Carver Corporation
HotLicks Home Page
The Internet Music Dealer Network
Our List of Links
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Eventide Inc. WWW Home Page
Grimes Guitars
Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.
TC Electronic - Ultimate Sound Machines
Abel Axe, Home Page
Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.
WGR: Guitar Manufacturers & Luthiers
The Gretsch Page
Manufacturer Contacts A - F
Company list on Hardware Web (R)
IDWeb Links

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Carlos Systems o

Copyright © J.Carlos Orós. Tarragona 1996

Midi file Central

Midi Mart web site providing hi quality General Midi files for multi-media and commercial productions

Disney Midi page Contains many Disney MIDI (music) files, from The Littler Mermaid to The Lion King and more! There are also many links to other great Disney sites.

Midi files


Profile Music USA Artist/Band Management, Independent Record Label, Rehearsal Space Rental, Custom Sequencing/Programming, and Professional General Midi Music Provider.

Mario Saquel´s Music & Midi HomePage

Vicent Pagel Speaking

Midi Farm

Midi Web Site

Midi Madness

Australia Midi Files

Rick's Virtual Midi Page

Midi Resource

Monster Midi Page


Standard Midi Files On the Net

Ultimate Midi Connexion

Midi Station

Midi Sequence

Midi Archive

Midi Tools & Resources

Roland Page


Glosario Midi en Castellano

The guitar's shop

Página de Luís Román


LINKS tomados del Web de MARVA Valladolid



  • Best Of MIDI: Disney
  • Música & Artistas/midi de Brasil
  • Gabor's Progressive MIDI Home Page
  • Composers Spotlight
  • Directory of /pub/sounds/midi
  • Welcome To The Music Archive
  • Tim's Web Page Design and Midi Music Page
  • The Downbeat Cafe Jazz and Midi
  • Index of /pub/MIDI/SONGS
  • Index of /pub/MIDI/SONGS/POP
  • MIDI files of Billy Joel Songs
  • Suphi's MIDI Songs
  • Standard MIDI Files on the Net - The List of Sites With MIDI Files
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  • (midilinks.html)
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  • MJN Links
  • Music Links
  • Index of /~hsj/musica/m/mecano/
  • MIDI Links
  • Index of /sons/archives/MIDI/fichiers/latino/
  • MPML: MIDI Related Links
  • Index of /midi/music/Misc/
  • Index of /pub/music/
  • Index of /sons/archives/MIDI/fichiers/jazz/
  • Index of /midi/music/Bonnie_Tyler/
  • FTP search Navigation results
  • -=Music-Links=-
  • Chad Gould's MIDI links
  • Mundo Latino - Anuncios Musicales
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  • Guestbook Contents
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  • Standard MIDI Files on the Net - The List of Sites With MIDI Files
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  • Scrolling Lyrics Archive
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  • Marty's MIDI Catalog
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  • MIDI Jazz Network
  • MIDI Home Page
  • MIDI Composers' Exchange
  • Directory of /sys/pub/musique
  • FlexFX Software - Music Software and The Complete List Of MIDI Files
  • Erwin's Home Page
  • Herbert's MIDI Music Page
  • Great Midi Collection
  • Gerd's MIDI Pages: Home
  • Electric Factory
  • Downloadable Midis
  • Directory of /pub/midi/The_Mega_Midi_Archive
  • Carlos System Midi Page
  • Midi Jazz

  • The MIDI Archives - Jazz MIDIs
  • Best Of MIDI: Jazz
  • Utilidades MIDI

  • Günter Nagler's pub/Cientos de utilidades midi y canciones
  • Karaoke

  • The Mint Karaoke Lounge Home Page
  • MIDI Karaoke Albums - Computer Karaoke Homepage
  • Sound Choice Foundation Karaoke by Artist
  • Index of /index/radio/midi/KARAOKE/
  • Index of /ftp/contrib/midi/midisongs/KARAOKE/
  • Directory of /midi/karaoke
  • Directory of /pub/sounds/karaoke
  • Directory of /pub/midifiles/KARAOKE
  • Computer Karaoke Homepage
  • Lyrics

  • Letras de Tango
  • Letras
  • Lyrics
  • Lyrics and Midis
  • Official Lyrics Door Home Page
  • Grendel's Lyric Archive
  • Juegos

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